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Greetings All,


Sorry for being MIA; I just started classes at the Art institute of Pittsburgh Online and the past 12 weeks have been a doozy! I can’t complain though. It’s really been fun and when it’s all said and done I’ll have an Associates in Photography!

My past two classes have been design classes. I’ve included the final project for my last class which was Color Theory for Web & Multimedia. Let me know what you think of Digital Buddha. … And thanks for continuing to support me and this blog! 🙂

Digital Buddha

Digital Buddha (C) 2011 Michael Stagg

Sweet Photoshop Tutorial by Peter Hong

Being that I’m taking short courses in school for Illustrator and Photoshop this little vid is awesome! It was created by my buddy Peter Hong of Peter Hong Photography. Hit him up on his blog, comment on the video on YouTube  or via Twitter @peepboon and let him know what you think about it.

God’s Light


God's Light

I took this on the drive home from Chicago...Beautiful, yes?



Skye Hohmann Sells Images for Japan Disaster Relief

Skye Hohmann for Japan

I just came across this post at PhotoShelter and was like “Now that’s a great idea!” Skye Hohman is selling  prints and donating  proceeds to disaster relief in Japan. Be sure to stop by her page and purchase one (or two, or 20!). Here’s the link:


LOVE words’ translations (23 Languages)

Such a beautiful and creative project! Click the image for a larger view of the image.

Add Emphas.is to Your Photojournalism Projects

La Montana

Image from Emphas.is Featured Project - La Montana

I came across this tweet from Camille Felton of Category 5 Photography:

If you know anything about Kickstarter, an awesome resource for funding creative projects, you know that this could prove to be huge for photojournalists who need start up or additional funding for a worthy project. Click the link and find out more about Emphas.is and start (or help fund) a project today!

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