Divinely Inspired Photography

Photography and Philosophy

I am the author. This is a photo of a Nikon D1.

Image via Wikipedia


“Photography is like philosophy through a lens.” – Michael Stagg

To me, photography is a way to pause time and experience the Now whenever I want. Although time is illusory – there really is no other time than the present moment – photography provides a means of capturing a moment for sharing and/or viewing as long as you have access to the image.

There aren’t many art forms that can claim to do this. Photography is unique because unlike painting or sculpture, the moment you capture in an image is more “true to life”. What I mean by that is you can look at an image, especially if it was from a special time like a wedding or when two lovers first met, and really feel that moment. You can recall (or imagine) all the details of that exact moment in time that may have been forgotten.

As the name Maikeru implies, there is a tiny piece of the divine that is captured in each photo. It is that element I strive to capture in a photo – the essence of the moment – the inspiring quality of that frozen moment in time that makes you say, “Awwww”. This is my aim when I shoot. I hope to live up to my own expectations…

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