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The Optimistic Photographer: A Better Attitude for a Better Shoot

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Image via Flickr


Once upon a time there was a fabulously talented photographer who was always able to capture stunning images that captivated and inspired all who set eyes upon them. One day, during a shoot with a very important client, it seemed that what ever could go wrong did. The hair stylist cancelled at the last minute. One of the shoot crew accidentally knocked over – and destroyed – the photographer’s most expensive lens. To make matters worst, the client decided that they wanted to change the shoot to four hours later than discussed; due to a miscommunication between studio and the client’s assistant the photographer never received the updated shoot time.

For most people this would have been a difficult situation to handle professionally, let aloe positively, but not the photographer. Instead of creating a negative experience out of the events that happened, everything was done to produce just the opposite effect. One of the crew members had a friend that owned a salon and was more than happy to send over a great stylist for the shoot. Even though the loss of the lens put a dent in the photographer’s shooting strategy it was nothing to blow up about (or get fired for) since it was 100% ensured and would be replaced. As for showing up four hours early, the crew went down to the beach for a little pre-shoot fun in the sun. By the time the client arrived everything was ready to go and some really nice shots were captured. In the words of Ice Cube, “it was a good day”.

Would you have reacted with the same positive attitude as the photographer? I’d like to think I’d have at least tried to remain composed and professional if nothing else. What do you do to keep your cool in seemingly dreadful situations during your shoots? Let me know in the comments below.

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