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How a Stranger’s Generosity Saved My Hide

I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now but all things in their due time, right? Here’s the short and sweet version:

Back in 2005, I received a job offer but I didn’t have any money to purchase a bus pass to get to the interview. As I was explaining this to my wife via phone a woman sitting in front of me overheard my story and gave me her 7 day bus pass! “It has three days left on it. Good luck, baby”, she said. I was so overwhelmed I almost cried; I did manage to utter a thank you as she got off the bus.

I guess the moral to the story is that we shouldn’t expect the worst in a situation. Instead, we should always look for the best outcome our minds can come up with. That way, we tell the Universe that we trust in It’s ability to provide for our every need. Heck, it’s how I got my “wish” fulfilled to start photography! Below is an pic of the actual bus card I was given (you can see the date I received scribbled on the card sleeve); I keep it as a reminder that abundance is always available to me and that there are good Samaritans still out there!



The card the saved my hide! © 2011 Maikeru Foto



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