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Oh Bored is Me

This this is the result of waiting patiently (sort of) for the wife and kids to finish shopping…

Bored Little Me

I don’t like taking pics of myself; it makes me feel vain. On top of that, I’m camera shy. I have to say though that I like this pic of me (I must have since I put it on my Facebook page!). That little swivel screen on the G12 came in handy, too! I might have to start taking more self pics. 🙂


Light Reading

Light Reading by Pichead
Light Reading a photo by Pichead on Flickr.

What a great shot! I wonder how he got the light under the umbrella?! Click the pic to view full size.


I’ve been reviewing old image discs and came across these of a friend named Alisa from New York. I didn’t shoot these but I did play around with them today using FastStone Image Viewer ( A wonderful – and FREE – image editor/viewer). Tell me what you think of the edits in the comments (Be nice please; I’m new to editing! LOL)



Alisa Edited




No Longer MIA

Sorry I’ve been MIA people. I’ve undergone surgery, family turmoil and other of Life’s twists and turns but I’m back and ready to rock it!

On to other news…

I just purchased a new camera – a Canon G12 – and I am loving it! It’s not quick a DSLR but it isn’t far from one either (and certainly several steps up from my Kodak C190 that I’ve been shooting with). I’m still learning all the bells and whistles but thus far it’s been an enjoyable experience.

Here’s a pic I took with it for a photo assignment over at Pixelated Photographer (BTW, if you’re a photographer and not a member of the Forums please join us!):


When Gorillapods Attack

This is what happens when you’re operating on only 2-3 hours of sleep. 🙂

I took my Gorillapod and a mini tripod my daughter bought me from the “Dolla Sto'” and came up with this little theme. Please feel free to call me crazy in the comments. 😀

Gorillapod versus Mini Tripod

Gorillapod versus Mini Tripod ... Poor Mini Tripod. 🙂



Maikeru Foto on Facebook

Maikeru Foto on Facebook

Like Maikeru Foto on Facebook Today!

I recently started a Facebook page so that I can interact more with people that subscribe here as well as to connect with other photographers out there. If you would be so kind as to “Like” my page I’d really appreciate it. In fact, I may just make a contest of it. Yeah, I think I will.

I want to get to 300 members by March 1st. When I reach 300 members I will select a member at random and give them a free SD card; how’s that sound?!

Size, class and brand will be disclosed in a later post. If you are a photographer, or know a photographer, or just love looking at inspiring images please pass this link along and be sure to Like Maikeru Foto yourself!

Here’s the link (Or just click the image above!):

Maikeru Foto

See you there! 🙂

Things I See While Driving

It’s a big ketchup bottle! No, wait! it’s a water tower?!


Ketchup Water Tower

k for larger image














There are windmills in Illinois? Learn something new everyday!


IL Windmills

Click for larger image











Ahhh…Gotta love air pollution – NOT!


Air Pollution

Click for larger image



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