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LOVE words’ translations (23 Languages)

Such a beautiful and creative project! Click the image for a larger view of the image.


Light Reading

Light Reading by Pichead
Light Reading a photo by Pichead on Flickr.

What a great shot! I wonder how he got the light under the umbrella?! Click the pic to view full size.


I’ve been reviewing old image discs and came across these of a friend named Alisa from New York. I didn’t shoot these but I did play around with them today using FastStone Image Viewer ( A wonderful – and FREE – image editor/viewer). Tell me what you think of the edits in the comments (Be nice please; I’m new to editing! LOL)



Alisa Edited




No Longer MIA

Sorry I’ve been MIA people. I’ve undergone surgery, family turmoil and other of Life’s twists and turns but I’m back and ready to rock it!

On to other news…

I just purchased a new camera – a Canon G12 – and I am loving it! It’s not quick a DSLR but it isn’t far from one either (and certainly several steps up from my Kodak C190 that I’ve been shooting with). I’m still learning all the bells and whistles but thus far it’s been an enjoyable experience.

Here’s a pic I took with it for a photo assignment over at Pixelated Photographer (BTW, if you’re a photographer and not a member of the Forums please join us!):