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Missing in Action

Greetings All,


Sorry for being MIA; I just started classes at the Art institute of Pittsburgh Online and the past 12 weeks have been a doozy! I can’t complain though. It’s really been fun and when it’s all said and done I’ll have an Associates in Photography!

My past two classes have been design classes. I’ve included the final project for my last class which was Color Theory for Web & Multimedia. Let me know what you think of Digital Buddha. … And thanks for continuing to support me and this blog! 🙂

Digital Buddha

Digital Buddha (C) 2011 Michael Stagg


The Flash Bus Tour 2011


Flash Bus Tour

The Flash Bus Tour is Sure to Be Kick ARSE!

Awesome news (for me anyway, LOL) over at The Strobist’s Blog! It seems that David Hobby – AKA, The Strobist – and Joe McNally are putting together a 29 city monster tour across the US titled The Flash Bus Tour!

This six week tour, which kicks off March 11, 2011 in Seattle Washington, will offer you a sampling of David and Joe’s 60 years of experience in the photography game. The cost for the event, from what I saw on the site, is minimal (Under $100!) but the knowledge you’ll gain is sure to be invaluable!

You can find out if they’re coming to your city by viewing the tour schedule; you also register on this page but you have to wait until January 31st at 9am EST to do so. There’s also a nifty – and might I say quite funny – listing of FAQs about the tour as well.

it looks like they’ll be in my neck of the woods, Chicago, on April 17th. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there ready and willing to soak up all that wisdom! Will you be there? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you there!