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Missing in Action

Greetings All,


Sorry for being MIA; I just started classes at the Art institute of Pittsburgh Online and the past 12 weeks have been a doozy! I can’t complain though. It’s really been fun and when it’s all said and done I’ll have an Associates in Photography!

My past two classes have been design classes. I’ve included the final project for my last class which was Color Theory for Web & Multimedia. Let me know what you think of Digital Buddha. … And thanks for continuing to support me and this blog! 🙂

Digital Buddha

Digital Buddha (C) 2011 Michael Stagg


Light Reading

Light Reading by Pichead
Light Reading a photo by Pichead on Flickr.

What a great shot! I wonder how he got the light under the umbrella?! Click the pic to view full size.

My Very First Photo

Blue Bottle

It’s just a blue bottle – a warped one at that – but I like this shot. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe it’s the unusual subject. maybe it’s because I took it. 🙂 Whatever the reason, I like it… Hwy, gotta start somewhere right?

The Optimistic Photographer: A Better Attitude for a Better Shoot

young photographer

Image via Flickr


Once upon a time there was a fabulously talented photographer who was always able to capture stunning images that captivated and inspired all who set eyes upon them. One day, during a shoot with a very important client, it seemed that what ever could go wrong did. The hair stylist cancelled at the last minute. One of the shoot crew accidentally knocked over – and destroyed – the photographer’s most expensive lens. To make matters worst, the client decided that they wanted to change the shoot to four hours later than discussed; due to a miscommunication between studio and the client’s assistant the photographer never received the updated shoot time.

For most people this would have been a difficult situation to handle professionally, let aloe positively, but not the photographer. Instead of creating a negative experience out of the events that happened, everything was done to produce just the opposite effect. One of the crew members had a friend that owned a salon and was more than happy to send over a great stylist for the shoot. Even though the loss of the lens put a dent in the photographer’s shooting strategy it was nothing to blow up about (or get fired for) since it was 100% ensured and would be replaced. As for showing up four hours early, the crew went down to the beach for a little pre-shoot fun in the sun. By the time the client arrived everything was ready to go and some really nice shots were captured. In the words of Ice Cube, “it was a good day”.

Would you have reacted with the same positive attitude as the photographer? I’d like to think I’d have at least tried to remain composed and professional if nothing else. What do you do to keep your cool in seemingly dreadful situations during your shoots? Let me know in the comments below.

The Flash Bus Tour 2011


Flash Bus Tour

The Flash Bus Tour is Sure to Be Kick ARSE!

Awesome news (for me anyway, LOL) over at The Strobist’s Blog! It seems that David Hobby – AKA, The Strobist – and Joe McNally are putting together a 29 city monster tour across the US titled The Flash Bus Tour!

This six week tour, which kicks off March 11, 2011 in Seattle Washington, will offer you a sampling of David and Joe’s 60 years of experience in the photography game. The cost for the event, from what I saw on the site, is minimal (Under $100!) but the knowledge you’ll gain is sure to be invaluable!

You can find out if they’re coming to your city by viewing the tour schedule; you also register on this page but you have to wait until January 31st at 9am EST to do so. There’s also a nifty – and might I say quite funny – listing of FAQs about the tour as well.

it looks like they’ll be in my neck of the woods, Chicago, on April 17th. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there ready and willing to soak up all that wisdom! Will you be there? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you there!

Woodlawn Church in Iuka, IL

Woodlawn Church

I shot this image using my Kodak EasyShare C190. I intend to go back and shot it from a different angle when I get my Nikon in a few weeks. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Photography and Philosophy

I am the author. This is a photo of a Nikon D1.

Image via Wikipedia


“Photography is like philosophy through a lens.” – Michael Stagg

To me, photography is a way to pause time and experience the Now whenever I want. Although time is illusory – there really is no other time than the present moment – photography provides a means of capturing a moment for sharing and/or viewing as long as you have access to the image.

There aren’t many art forms that can claim to do this. Photography is unique because unlike painting or sculpture, the moment you capture in an image is more “true to life”. What I mean by that is you can look at an image, especially if it was from a special time like a wedding or when two lovers first met, and really feel that moment. You can recall (or imagine) all the details of that exact moment in time that may have been forgotten.

As the name Maikeru implies, there is a tiny piece of the divine that is captured in each photo. It is that element I strive to capture in a photo – the essence of the moment – the inspiring quality of that frozen moment in time that makes you say, “Awwww”. This is my aim when I shoot. I hope to live up to my own expectations…